7 Reasons Bloggers Should Sign Up for Snapchat

There are several reasons that I think bloggers should sign up for Snapchat. Yes, I know, another social media platform. Many bloggers are wondering if Snapchat is worth the hassle of learning and dealing with one more network. Here are some reasons … [Read more...]

How to Organize your Blogging Planner

Having a blogging planner is a must for your sanity. However, if the book becomes an unruly mess, you may still miss deadlines or forget important details. The solution? Have a well-organized blogging planner. Read on to find out how you can organize … [Read more...]

How to Organize Email for your Blog

Most bloggers receive several emails a day. If you aren’t actively working to organize your email inbox, you can quickly become bogged down in junk mail, deadline reminders, and other messages. Sorting through these can be a nightmare, but if you … [Read more...]

Orange Cream Pop Cocktail and Tangerine Popsicle

Orange cream pop cocktails are here to become your new signature summer drink. Add the tangerine popsicles and you've basically transported yourself into a blissful oasis. This post contains affiliate links. Now that hot weather has shown … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Blogging While the Kids are on Summer Break

School breaks are fun for kids, but may be difficult for moms that blog. With children underfoot all day, you may find that you can’t get work done as usual. Never fear – there are some tips to blogging while the kids are on summer break. This post … [Read more...]

Raspberry and Orange Screwdriver Drink Recipe

A traditional screwdriver drink recipe is easy to make. They are delicious, and arguably, one of the most popular cocktails out there. The ingredients of a screwdriver also make a great base to play around with. With little tweaks and additions to … [Read more...]

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